Roanuz life style



Never force an artist to draw on plain canvas. Programmers, designers and managers are artist, they must have their own freedom and space to bring innovation on empty canvas. Every artists happiness and satisfaction is so important at Roanuz. We have a super culture filled with enough fun and we make sure artists are artists.


Casual Rules

Nothing is permanent expect change. Its impossible to follow same rule for all situation and all time. We simply don't have rules. Even though we don't have any strict office hours or leave policy, we stay committed to our work and responsibilities. No dress code. No complex reporting system. Simple rules and procedures, keeps us more productive.


Social Activity

We keep looking for opportunities to celebrate and explore new adventure. Go kart, Trekking, Racing, drinks party and adventurous sports events happens whenever possible. We visited every restaurants in Besant Nagar, you could imagine how much events we had.


Rocket Science

We stay upto date with technologies. Constantly explores new technologies and concepts. Everyone here have the freedom and facility to try new concepts and prototypes. Whenever possible, we have knowledge sharing sessions.


Fruits and snacks

Coffee, juice or fruits are very handy for long days. Our fridge packed with fruits, snacks, breads, juice, milk, coffee and ice creams.



We don't have separate cabins, we sit together in open space which keeps us more connected with each other, easy to have quick discussion and much more productive. We don't struck in same boring place for ever, every month we change the place. We have a common wall, everyday we share positive message or "Good to know" message. Designer and Developer showoff their talent with these message.

Some exciting times here at Roanuz


A few featured jobs

UI Developer

Full time

We are looking for an experienced designer to be the design owner and strategic partner with the technology and product teamns on our key initiative. Someone who is passionate about developing strategies based off of insights of real people. Read more

Account Manager


We are looking for an interim Operation Partner Account Mangar that will help realize Spotify's important global partner projects. Partners include major brands in Consumer Electronics, Retail, and leading internet/media outlets. Read more